Sunday, February 14, 2010

Everything Happens for a Reason

This morning, I led a Small Group for 6, 7, & 8 grade girls. The lesson came from Luke, Chapter 5, when Jesus meets up with Levi. Levi is a tax collector and the teachers, during this time, thought of Levi as a slimy low life. Jesus told Levi to follow him and he did. Levi threw a dinner for Jesus. Jesus, of course, accepted his invite and went to dinner with Levi and other tax collectors. The teachers asked why they were having dinner with such lowlifes and Jesus simply replied He was sent to show repentance and salvation to all sinners. Somehow, I missed, in the 21 years growing up in a Southern Baptist church, that our Levi here, actually becomes Matthew. Wow! Matthew, one of the twelve and one that went to share the gospel. Imagine if Jesus didn't spend time with "lowlifes." There would be no Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, it would be Mark, Luke, John, and, Matthew wouldn't have gotten to do all the good the Lord had planned for him. But, that's just it, the Lord planned Jesus to meet Levi, Levi later become Matthew, and Matthew share the gospel with the world. How super cool is it that Jesus partied with average people, sinners, just like you and me. And how grateful are for that because he made disciples through average people, sinners. Let the Lord work His perfect will in your life, He sometimes seems unfair and we become really confused but the fact of the matter is, God loves each of us and sees the whole picture. He sees the whole painting, after all, He is the artist. Allow the Lord to make a disciple in you, and go and make disciples for Him. It was quite amazing to see God work today. Our morning Small Group went right along with Pastor Chris' sermon, and then along with our College & Career Small Group. I really hope I'm not rambling but I'm just so excited about my God and all He is doing. He is truly working and has major plans. He is holy, powerful, and all-knowing. He is incredible and miraculous. He is God and He is love. He has an incredible plan set out for each of us and did before He even formed us in our mother's womb. Our God knows what is best for us. It sometimes, or a lot of times, seems unfair and we wonder and question, but the fact of the matter is, He is God and He is holier than anything or anyone we could ever imagine, it's His will and His deed will be done in the end.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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