Monday, February 15, 2010



[frend-ship] Show IPA
1.the state of being a friend; association as friends: to value a person's friendship.
2.a friendly relation or intimacy.
3.friendly feeling or disposition.

Above is the definition for friendship found on The definition is pretty simple and straightforward. But, for some reason, we still miss it and get it wrong A LOT! Especially me. I think my biggest downfall is expecting the world of my friends and not loving every part about them. I only love the good things and when their flaws show it's hard for me to deal. But the fact of the matter is, nobody's perfect, not me, not you, not anybody living on this earth. Wait, I take that back, there is one, and He is my best friend, He is absolutely perfect, He is holy, and He is my Jesus. He is quite the best friend, after all, He does promise to never leave us, and He is one for promises. But, other than Him, no one is perfect. I think the Lord is truly teaching me to love every aspect of my friends and to just let go and let Him take the control. His will will be done and I trust that. It's definitely hard sometimes cause I want to always fix a broken relationship, but, sometimes its just not ours to fix, it's His. And He promises to take care of us. He is also teaching me to apologize and be sincere and genuine no matter what. The Lord sees our true heart and that's all that matters. He is there, holding us up every step of the way. I am really praying and trying my darnest to let Him have total control. His plan will be sought out and the devil's plan will be destructed. I challenge all of you to give Jesus your friendships, all of your relationships, wrap them up in a box with a big pink bow and hand them over to Him. Allow Him to be the God of every aspect of your life including relationships. He promises to take care of us always, trust Him and trust His word forever!

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